The Heart of Winzavod

The artistic heart of Winzavod is its three exhibition spaces, each with its own character, history, style and appeal. The White Hall is a world-class exhibition space, appropriate for exhibitions of paintings, photography and events. Directly under it (and sharing an entrance) is the evocative vaulted Red Hall, ideal for video art, installations and performances. The Arched Hall is the largest space in the complex: a huge divided space that once stored vats of wine and is particularly well-suited to video art and installations.

In its short history, Winzavod has hosted the Second Moscow Biennale, lectures by Norman Foster and Robert Wilson, the World Press Photo international exhibition, and other events including exhibitions of paintings, design, sculpture, and photography. Unique exhibitions and pro-active curators made Winzavod Moscow's premier cultural center virtually overnight. But the appeal of private property, close proximity to the city center, and a complete array of services keep drawing exhibitors, the press and public, and make Winzavod a space where art is not separate from life, but truly a way of life.

The White Hall

The White Hall is Winzavod's premier exhibition space, with professional lighting and equipment to hold exhibitions, presentations, master classes, lectures and concerts at top international level.

The Red Hall

The atmospheric vaulted Red Hall, directly under the White Hall and sharing an entrance, is well-suited to performances, photo and video installations.

The Arched Hall

The Arched Hall is Winzavod's former wine cellar, the largest space in the complex divided into eight sections. This chilly and evocative space is ideal for video art, performances and installations.


Winzavod both initiates its own events and welcomes exhibitors, private galleries, museums, cultural and other organizations. The unique spaces, equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and equipment, are surrounded by galleries and imbued with the spirit of contemporary art. They are an ideal venue for any individual or organization that wishes to arrange an exhibition or event in a unique space that guarantees public and media attention.

Opportunities and facilities


4-th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, 1, bld. 6, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 917 46 46


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Winzavod from space

Recent events

An open lecture by Robert Wilson Still Life is a Real Life
September 30, 2007
White Hall

World Press Photo 2007
September 14-29, 2007
White Hall

The Four Seasons of Vladimir Putin Photo Exhibition
June 20-July 8, 2007
White Hall

Photography Festival Fashion and Style
April 10-22, 2007
White Hall

"Innovation" Awards Ceremony at Winzavod
April 28, 2007
White Hall

I Believe curated by Oleg Kulik
January 28-March 31, 2007
Arched Hall

Second Moscow Biennale 2007
Special Projects at Winzavod
March 3-28, 2007

Lecture by Norman Foster
April 23, 2006

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Press on Winzavod

The newest addition to Moscows thriving contemporary art scene is Vinzavod, a 200,000-square-foot exhibition hall in an industrial section behind the Kursk Railroad Station. Though still a work in progress, it is already attracting some of the citys most prominent galleries. Imagine SoHo way back when.
The New York Times,
May 27, 2007

Even though it is still being renovated, Vinzavod has already attracted buzz by hosting a handful of well-attended events.
The Moscow Times,
May 5, 2006

This part of Moscow has the potential to become Chelsea.
Bloomberg.com, April 9, 2006

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Contemporary Art Center Winzavod
4-th Syromyatnicheskiy lane, 1, bld. 6, Moscow, Russia
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