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Kandinsky Prize Awarded in Moscow for Contributions to Contemporary Art

Channel One (Perviy Channel) / December 5, 2007

"For a month the spacious halls of WINZAVOD have barely been able to hold all the people wanting to see sculptures of people lost in a virtual world and heroes of our time - and to see the creators of these works of art."

Vito Acconci: "It Would be Nice to Change a Few Centimeters of the World"
Renowned American Artist Speaks in Moscow

Kommersant / October 27, 2007

"Vito Acconci gave an open lecture at WINZAVOD, "From words to actions. From actions to architecture", organized by WINZAVOD and the Center for Contemporary Architecture."

RozaMira: Sorrow Abates, Melancholy Passes

NTV / September 15, 2007

"WINZAVOD - the largest exhibition space in the capital - will hold the most comprehensive exhibition of video art held in recent years."

Whitehall / summer 2007

The exhibition I Believe was held in Moscows new trendy spot: Winzavod, an old wine making factory bought by a nice new Russian (Roman) and managed by his beautiful wife (Sonia).

Babe Beats Bill

Gazeta.ru / June 29, 2007

"WINZAVOD has launched two more exhibitions: An exhibition of works by masters of contemporary art opened at the Guelman Gallery next to an exhibition of finalists in a student competition of cinema posters."

Studio Art
The secrets of the Most Fashionable Galleries in Moscow

TimeOut Moscow / June 11, 2007

"Just two years ago, one car a day drove along 4th Syromyatnichesky Lane. Today there is always a traffic jam of expensive cars and a motley line of people - from the chic to the academic to bankers and politicians."

36 Hours in Moscow

The New York Times / May 27, 2007

"The newest addition to Moscow's thriving contemporary art scene is Vinzavod, a 200,000-square-foot exhibition hall in an industrial section behind the Kursk Railroad Station. Though still a work in progress, it is already attracting some of the city's most prominent galleries. Imagine SoHo way back when."

Industrial Revolution

The Moscow Times / May 5, 2006 "Even though it is still being renovated, Vinzavod has already attracted buzz by hosting a handful of well-attended events."

The Promised Land of WINZAVOD
Three Exhibitions in Former Ruins

Vedomosti / April 24, 2007

"Moscow galleries of contemporary art celebrated house warming parties in the WINZAVOD cultural center with great exhibitions. This former abandoned industrial site in the center of Moscow has spruced itself up and become a magnet for the public, a place where art exists naturally and comfortably."

WINZAVOD Mixes it up
A Triple Exhibition in a New Center

Kommersant / April 22, 2007

"The new exhibition center WINZAVOD - the most promising art space in Moscow - is finally operating at full speed. The oldest Moscow galleries - Aidan, XL, and Guelman - have moved in to their new spaces and organized a triple exhibition, each gallery playing a trump card from their deck of artists."

Moscow Chelsea

Bloomberg.com / April 9, 2006

"This part of Moscow has the potential to become Chelsea."

For Russian Followers of Contemporary Art, Best Part of the Exhibit
Might Be the Venue

Washingtonpost.com / March 19, 2007

"What drives Vinzavod is the reality that art is becoming good business in Moscow. More tycoons are becoming collectors."

Standing in the Dirt
WINZAVOD: Enormous Art Center Opens in the Capital

Russky courier / March 12, 2007

"WINZAVOD is an art center in a real winery amid the dusty back lots by the Kursk Train Station. It's worth a visit for many reasons, not the least of which is the atmosphere."

The Biennale - Soft-Boiled Boots
Better to Go Down to WINZAVOD than Climb Up to the Tower

Vedomosti / March 6, 2007

"The Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art turned out to be an unpredictable event. It was boring where it should have been interesting, while the show of special projects at WINZAVOD was much better than the big climb to see the main show."

Contemporary Art: Moscow at the Height of Fashion

Liberation (France) / February 28, 2007

"Since WINZAVOD opened at the end of January, lively crowds gather under the lofty vaulted ceiling where blocks of ice were once kept, laughing knowingly as they give their loud opinions of the work being shown."

Residence Permit at a Factory

Vedomosti / November 3, 2006

"The art center WINZAVOD recently opened in the old Moscow Bavaria beer factory and has already held a festival of graffiti and an extraordinarily well-attended lecture by the architect Sir Norman Foster. The space includes artists' studios and Moscow's largest photography studio."

Art Critics in Hardhats

Kommersant Dengi / June 19, 2006

"Suddenly there is a new and very appealing trend: industry is leaving the city and art is replacing it. In the last two or three years, Moscow has seen more than a dozen art projects held in emptied industrial spaces."

The Moscow Times / May 5, 2006

Even though it is still being renovated, Vinzavod has already attracted buzz by hosting a handful of well-attended events.

Bloomberg.com / April 9, 2006

This part of Moscow has the potential to become Chelsea.


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