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WINZAVOD Gallery Night 2010

May 15-16, 2010

For the fourth time WINZAVOD opens its doors to a wide audience of art lovers and organizes an extended exhibition day. WINZAVOD Gallery Night program presents a mix of experimental projects in different fields of art: theater, music, poetry, photography and art exhibitions, comics and animation, perfomances and interactive performances. »

The Third Moscow Biennale of contemporary art.
Special projects at WINZAVOD

September 27 - October 25, 2009

WINZAVOD Centre for contemporary art presents the Third Moscow Biennale of contemporary art. Special projects at WINZAVOD. »

The Kandinsky Prize Awards Ceremony

December 4, 2007
White Hall

WINZAVOD hosted the awards ceremony for a new major contemporary art competition, the Kandinsky Prize, with performances by the Blue Nose Group and Robert Wilson.

Exhibition of Kandinsky Prize Nominees

November 7-27, 2007
White Hall and Red Hall

Nominees for the prestigious Kandinsky Prize included Yuri Avvakumov, Gor Chakhal, Vladimir Dubosarsky and Alexander Vinogradov, Oleg Kulik, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Dmitry Gutov, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Aristarkh Chernyshev, and Anton Litvin. Works were nominated in categories of Artist of the Year, Young Artist of the Year, and Media Art Project of the Year.

An open lecture by Vik Muniz "Reality and Illusion"

October 28, 2007
Red Hall

Vik Muniz, a 47-year-old Brazilian-born artist based in New York, has been getting rave reviews for his use of unusual techniques and media to interpret reality.

An open lecture by Robert Wilson " Still Life is a Real Life"

September 30, 2007
White Hall

This was the first open lecture and master class in Russia by the renowned American theatre director, photo artist, decorator and provocateur of the 21st century.

World Press Photo 2007

September 14-29, 2007
White Hall

This unique traveling exhibition exhibited 200 works by winners of the most prestigious international photo journalistic competition "World Press Photo" after the final round was held for the 50th time in Amsterdam in February 2007. The exhibition reflected the most important world events 2006.

Festival ROZAMIRA '07

September 15-25, 2007
Arched Hall

The video art program "Cheeky.Cool.Bold" directed by London art house producer Pinky Ghundale in cooperation with the Russian curator Anna Zaitseva was shown in the mysterious, resonant and atmospheric Arched Hall.

"The Four Seasons of Vladimir Putin" Photo Exhibition

June 20-July 8, 2007
White Hall

More than one hundred black-and-white pictures were shown in a unique exhibition in the White Hall that revealed the Russian President in ways he'd never been seen before.

Master Class of three Dutch photographers

May 15, 2007
White Hall

Raymond Rutting (photo reporting),
Maarten Brinkgreve (theatre, architecture, interiors),
Eveline Renaud (genre photography, social projects, background news).

Photography Festival "Fashion and Style"

April 10-22, 2007
White Hall

This exhibition is an aesthetic manifesto in a way of the new generation of the Russian Fashion-photographers.

"Innovation" Awards Ceremony at Winzavod

April 28, 2007
White Hall

The second annual Russian "Innovation" National Modern Art Competition held its prestigious awards ceremony at Winzavod.

"I Believe" curated by Oleg Kulik

January 28-March 31, 2007
Arched Hall

The exhibition "I Believe" of the country's best artistic projects was curated by Oleg Kulik in the former wine cellars.

Second Moscow Biennale 2007 - Special Projects at Winzavod

Marh 3-28, 2007

Winzavod provided the Moscow Biennale 6000 square meters for five special projects. The art galleries located at Winzavod held special exhibitions parallel to the Biennale program.

Lecture by Norman Foster

April 23, 2006
White Hall

The English architect, Sir Norman Foster, spoke to a crowd of 2,000 people in the White Hall.


April 20-22, 2006

The Graffiti Festival was the first important event held in Winzavod, conducted while still under renovation. Besides graffiti-jam, musical and a video program, a picture exhibition of graffiti painters was organized where the artists created works of art in a street genre on traditional canvas.


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Winzavod from space

Press on Winzavod

The newest addition to Moscows thriving contemporary art scene is Vinzavod, a 200,000-square-foot exhibition hall in an industrial section behind the Kursk Railroad Station. Though still a work in progress, it is already attracting some of the citys most prominent galleries. Imagine SoHo way back when.
The New York Times,
May 27, 2007

Even though it is still being renovated, Vinzavod has already attracted buzz by hosting a handful of well-attended events.
The Moscow Times,
May 5, 2006

This part of Moscow has the potential to become Chelsea.
Bloomberg.com, April 9, 2006

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